Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eighth Day on the Road

The day started with the usual Starbucks. My original destination for today was Gary ID. I figured it was close to Chicago but far enough from the city that I don't have to worry about big city issues...full hotels, traffic, etc. I actually ended up in Portage which is about 40 miles outside of Chicago.

Over the course of the day, I followed I79 to eventually connect to I80. Stopped at the usual service plazas on the toll roads. The E-ZPass made things really easy on all these toll roads. The only deviation I took on today's ride was to stop in Sandusky OH. I couldn't believe that was actually a real place. I first heard of this place in the movie TommyBoy. It was actually a pretty interesting place. They have this "historic waterfront" which is on the edge of Lake Erie. It looks like they are in the process of revitalizing the area because the restaurant I ate at was the only open business on the block. I took a few pictures but I wanted to get back on the road to get to my final destination for the day. About a half an hour after leaving Sandusky, I ran into the first heavy rain. It's the first time I got to test out how my riding suit works against rain. It actually worked pretty good. It didn't retain any water but as the water evaporated, I felt a little cooler. Later in the day I was wishing it would rain as the temperature increased to ~95 degrees as I got to Portage.

So far, I have tested it in freezing temperatures, blustering winds, light snow, heavy rain, and, later in the day, blazing temperatures. The only issue is the heat. I was sweating like a pig when ever I would stop. As long as I was moving (~80 MPH), I was OK. I hope over the next couple of weeks, the temps stay low. I know that may not happen as I will be moving through the desert but I can hope.

It was a relatively boring day as it was all interstate travel. Beginning tomorrow, I should have more interesting stuff about the route. Now it is time to go watch the Sharks/ Red Wings game 6. Until next time, I'll be seein' you from the road.

Total miles traveled today: 450

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Location:Portage,United States


  1. It'd be sweet if SPOT reported your speed and location...looks like someone is opening the throttle wide.

  2. Shhhh, no one needs to know that information...