Sunday, May 1, 2011

Second Day on the Road

The second day on the road was pretty tough. Woke up this morning to 26 degree weather and frost covering my bike. The cold temperatures made it difficult to start the bike...although I did get it started. You know, it is bad enough when you can feel how cold it is, you don't need your bike telling you too. I discovered there is a little icon on the instrumentation panel, appropriately enough a snow flake, that warns you that the temperature is at 36 degrees or lower. The low temperature made it so tough to ride that I had to pull over every 15 minutes to let my hands warm up on my heated grips. When they got warm enough, I continued on for another 15 minutes. This went on 3 times before I was able to continue on.

I will apologize in advance for this entry not having a lot of photos. The cold weather made it tough to do much else than get warm and move on to the next stop.

I left Elko in seek of a Starbucks, Peet's or some other coffee place that sells espresso. I passed up the Starbucks that was in Elko because it was part of a smoke filled casino that I didn't feel like going into. I was not able to find anything until to my first major stop of West Wendover. I didn't realize that Wendover is half in Nevada and half in Utah. While there I did find a Starbucks but it was also in a casino. It wasn't until I saw the second one that I realized that the arrangement is done to get more people into the casino. The coffee shop has the sign in the front yet the cafe is in the back. You have to go passed the slot machines before you get to the coffee... Those sneaky bastards!!!

So instead of getting coffee, I was more interested in the sign pointing to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The people in Utah are so nice...While I was pulled over setting up my camera, a Utah Highway Patrol officer rolled up and asked if everything was OK or if I needed help. I explained that I wanted a photo... He laughed and told me to have a nice day and continued on.

My next stop was at the city of Delle, population: 3 plus who ever is in the parking lot. It consisted of a mini mart, gas pump, and a large parking lot. When approaching this area, there is a sign stating there is food, gas, and lodging at that exit...yeah, OK.

The next major city was Salt Lake City. It seemed like a giant maze so I chose to continue on. The stretch of road that followed was the best on the ride so far. This was I80 from Salt Lake City to Park City. I finally found my coffee at a little cafe called the No Worries Cafe. This place was up in the mountains surrounded by tons of snow. It looked like a winter wonderland type place.

The rest of the day was stops at Evanston for some gas, Little America which was kinda not a good place, Point of Rocks which was a small gas station, finally ending up in Rawlins.

Total miles traveled today: 546

Now it is time for some rest to get ready for the next leg of the trip. See ya next time...

Location:Rawlins,United States

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