Monday, May 2, 2011

Third Day on the Road

Greetings from York, Nebraska. This is the third day on the road and was pretty good. It started this morning with a snow covered bike in the Holiday Inn parking lot. It actually snowed over night. It made for a hard time getting the bike started again.

After getting the bike started, I ran into my first mechanical issue. Well, let's go back... Over the course of riding yesterday, I was noticing the tire pressure monitor dropping for one of the tires. When the pressure dropped to 30 psi, I pulled over for gas and to refill the tire. The first thing I found is that it was the rear tire that was having the issue. I very quickly inspected the tire and didn't find anything in it that would cause a leak. I filled it up to 40 psi and went on my way. When I got to Rawlins, everything seemed fine.

Now, on with the story. So I loaded up my bike and waited for the pressure monitors to show the values. The front came up OK but I needed to run the bike to get a reading on the rear. Well, I started down the road thinking all was fine when the pressure came up as 19 psi. Since I was paying more attention to the tire than the road, I didn't realize I was on the ramp for I80 east. I found a small opening in the fence on the median that was large enough for me to make a il...LEGAL u-tun back to the only service station in town with a compressor. Once there, I inspected the tire once again...nothing. At that point I thought it might be the air stem. I took some water from my CamelBak and spit it onto the stem. The base started bubbling like crazy. Out came the tool kit, a 12 mm wrench... After tightening the stem and filling the tire to 40 PSI, I was on my way.

Now for the actual trip report. The first stop was at a rest stop called the Wagonhound Rest Stop. It so cold I had to pull over every 30 minutes to warm up my hands. This place had some beautiful views. There was snow everywhere. The temp when I started this day was 24 degrees.

There were several other stops through out the day that were primarily to put gas or warm up. There was nothing really too interesting. Most of the photos were of these boring rest stops. I can say this...there is a terrible shortage of places to get an espresso along I80 between eastern Nevada and western Nebraska.

For the trip over to NY, I am trying to get there as fast as possible. The more interesting stuff will be published during the return trip.

At the end of the day, I ended up in York Nebraska. Three more days to go until I get to NY. See ya next time...

Total miles traveled today: 535

Location:York,United States

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