Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nineteenth Day on the Road

Well, first off, I am going to apologize for a half ass entry. Today was my last day of the trip. I left Barstow and headed to Santa Monica. Things were going OK up until I got passed the Cajon Pass. As soon as I passes this, I was entering the LA area. I have to say I now have another reason, other than the Kings, to hate LA. At the beginning of the day, I was looking at the route...167 miles total for the day which was supposed to be about 3 hours. Yeah, right! It took me 7 hours to get from Barstow to Santa Monica! During the ride, traffic was so bad that I didn't bother stopping and getting photographs. I was worried that if I did, I would not be able to get back on the road and finish the route in a reasonable amount of time. The only photos I have to show for today's time on the road are a coupe of the beach.

Once I got to Santa Monica, I called to wish my brother a happy birthday, snapped a couple of photos, then started for home. Actually, my intention was just to get clear of the LA area then find a hotel to stay in over night. But as I continued on, I began to see that I could actually make it home. Oh, on thing to mention, I traveled for 19 days on the road and today it happened...I took out a bird. Running down I5 at about 80ish MPH when all of a sudden I feel something hit my chest on the right side. Along with the hit was a bit of a "splat". There was something that landed on my helmet visor. When I pulled over to clean the stuff up, there was bird chunks all over my jacket, helmet, and parts of my bike.

I ended up getting home at about 11 pm. I came home to a "Welcome Home" banner hanging from the garage door as it opened. When I came into the house, there was another "Congratulations" banner. Some friends and my parents set these up and left me some food in the fridge that will get me by until I can get things settled. This was a great trip and I had so much fun. According to Karen (my GPS) I traveled 7329 miles during trip. The trip over was 3039 miles while the return trip via route 66 was 4290 miles. I know I just got back but I am already wanting to plan the next one.

There will be one more post after this one. I have been working on it for the last week or so. It is a list of things that I learned and observed on this trip. So until the next trip, I'll be seein' you... around Fremont.

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