Saturday, May 14, 2011

Twelfth Day on the Road

Today started, again, with some coffee and a pasty. The hotel I found last night was less than a mile from a Starbucks but was another 15 minutes from the beginning of today's set of via points on along the route. The weather started out cold and drizzly but ended up sunny (~74) and windy. I will try to keep everything in order but this is going to be difficult. The way I have been doing this with the last entries, was by looking at the order of the photos on my phone. Well there was an update for one of the apps that I like to use that allows me to shoot up to 8 photo then processes the photos in the background. The issue here is that I used a different app to shoot other photos while the first 8 are being processed causing them fall out of order. Let's see how well I can keep these in the correct order.

After leaving the Starbucks, I started on the route. There were a couple of rest stops at a few gas stations for water or bathroom breaks. The first real stop to note was at this place called the Rock Cafe. I stopped in for some pancakes and tea. This is a cool cafe that was restored back in 2003. It is decked out with a bunch of "Cars" stuff from posters to wooden cutouts of the different characters from the movie. Next to the cafe, there was a junk shop (AKA antique store) and a veteran's memorial. The shop was closed so I didn't have a chance to look around. As for the memorial, it was beautiful... Lots of finely cut marble.

Moving on down the road, I needed to stop again and found Bev's Travel Center. This was another one of these all in one stops. I stayed long enough to use the bathroom, down a candy bar, and gas up.

The next stop was almost 5 minutes from Bev's in El Reno. I came across this really cool mural with a wide open space right in front if it. This made it easy to snap a few shots. In addition the the mural, there was a building across the street that had a chicken hanging out of it. I don't think the business was well, business but the building was still there.

After leaving El Reno, the road kept crisscrossing interstate 40. At one of the intersections, I found the Cherokee Trading Post. This is basically a giant gift shop with a bunch of sculptures around the outside of the store. The store itself is huge. But the odd thing about it is that it is full of Native American pottery, art, and other things yet it is run by a bunch of old caucasian women. Go figure...

My next stop was at a little monument next to the police station in the city of Weatherford. The veterans monument was was made of marble like the last one but this one also had this huge canon sitting next to it. In addition, there was also a blade from one of those huge wind turbines that they have all over the hillside here. The turbines are much like the ones they have scattered all around the Altamont Pass back home. I didn't photograph the blade as the thing was huge and I couldn't get back far enough to get the whole thing in the frame. I traveled the rest of the distance along the route but I ultimately came back 30 miles to Weatherford for the night.

For dinner, I went to this place called Lucille's Roadhouse. This place is really cool. The restaurant was laid out in 3 parts. The first section is the entry which had a lot of nicely restored signs and gas pumps. The second was the steakhouse which seemed a little more formal than the diner. The diner section looked like a 50's styled diner...very cool.

That was pretty much my day. I hope to have more to write about tomorrow. Until then, I'll be seein' you from the road.

Total miles traveled today: 297

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Location:Weatherford,United States

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