Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fifteenth Day on the Road

Today was a little stressful. The weather didn't really want to corporate. It was sunny and mild temperature but it was really windy. The wind really blew... Literally and figuratively. For most of the day, I was riding the bike with a lean for most of the day to compensate for the wind.

So the day started with a stop and "The Pony Espresso". This is a little shack that was on the side of the road. I actually found it by mistake as I was driving by. I do have to say this place has the best espresso I have ever tasted. They use locally grow and roasted beans... This stuff was total axle grease, totally awesome.

As I was leaving town, I noticed the little BMW emblem in my path on the GPS screen. I ended up stopping at BMW Santa Fe. This is the first dealership I have seen that sells, both, motorcycles and cars. Now, the smart person would have looked at the mileage on the bike and actually thought about having the bike serviced... I mean since I was there. Is this what I did...um no. So I leave the dealership in Santa Fe then completely drive through Albuquerque, where the only other BMW dealer is in the state, again, without considering that I am about 400 miles from my service interval of 18,000 miles. it is not until I'm another 150 miles from the dealers that start to actually think about where I should service the bike. I have a plan but more on that later.

My next stop was at the Flying Star Cafe. I thought the sign looked cool. I think I found this cafe just as I entered Albuquerque. I drove through down town and made sure I made that left turn.

After leaving Albuquerque, it was desert again. I snapped some shots of the road and the desert landscape.

Later in the day I reached the continental divide. It is kinda funny because there were two Native American gift shops right next to each other. These stores sell the same item at the same prices. In this case, I think one would have been enough.

My next stop was at the Red Rock Park. This place has a museum, trails, and other stuff. It was apparently not very interesting as my bike was one of, maybe, five vehicles in the parking lot. This was my last stop in New Mexico.

My next top was at the largest Teepee gift shop just inside the Arizona border. It is a huge...I mean really huge gift shop.

The last place I stopped at today was the Petrified Forest National Park. The best part of this stop was the painted desert. There are so many different colors and landscapes within the 28 mile road. I took so many photos while at the park. I only wish I could have stayed a little longer. I had gotten there 2 hours before the park was to close.

So when I finally checked into a hotel, I started looking at what I have left to travel. It turns out that I am about 90 miles from Flagstaff then another 150 miles to Phoenix where my other brother lives. So the plan is to deviate from the route at Flagstaff to go visit my brother tomorrow. Then on Thursday, I am going to have my bike serviced in Phoenix or Chandler.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time, I'll be seein' you from the road.

Total miles traveled for the day: 347

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Location:Holbrook,United States

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